Thunder Dynamic
Creative Optimization

Personalize and optimize ad experiences cross-channel


Increase Sales

Better ad experience targeting leads to higher relevance to the consumer and greater likelihood of starting a customer relationship. Better testing enables brands to find the optimal ad experience to run for target customers that lead to the highest sales or brand impact.

Achieve Results Faster

Randomized controlled trials of people are the gold standard of scientific experiment design. Deploying such people-based testing instead of legacy test designs using older identification and randomization of test subjects leads to higher confidence in results faster, which means more of your media can be spent optimally on the right creative experience sooner.

Lower Media Costs

Widen media buys while still delivering a personalized message to the customer. Instead of running multiple separate, targeted media campaigns to different customers, unify your marketing strategy into a larger decision tree campaign that picks the right creative based on who was reached.

The result is wider media buying for much less money and still highly personalized messaging to the end customer.


Creative Targeting

Personalize creatives to relate to your audience

  • Visualize your creative decision tree
  • 1000+ free audience segments including:
    • Demographic
    • Contextual/Keyword
    • Weather/Precipitation
    • Device
    • Day part
  • Integrate your DMP, CRM, retargeting, website, first-, and third-party data
  • Flexible, multi-template dynamic testing
  • Product recommendation engine for prospecting and re-targeting

Creative Testing

Ad tech's most intelligent optimization engine.

  • A/B and multivariate testing to drive up ROI
  • Hands on or hands off optimization. Manually or automatically select test winners
  • Leverage AI to discover your ideal creative/audience matches
  • People-based testing across devices helps you drive more accurate results
  • Measure and optimize from online conversions, offline sales, and brand lift

Find out what Thunder can do for your company:


Gain massive marketing agility and production capabilities. Personalize and optimize cross-channel ads in-house or with your agency partners.


Offer campaigns personalized and optimized to audiences across channels like nobody else can. Leverage Thunder to outpace your competitors.


Empower ad sales teams with a vast array of ad products including local ad solutions, co-op advertising, and professional creatives services.