Thunder Creative
Management Platform

Produce and traffic ad experiences cross-channel

Why a Creative Management Platform?

Today's enterprises use more media channels and data than ever. Traditional creative tech and processes have not kept up with this multi-channel, multi-audience, multi-test world.

When a company wants to be more agile, personalized, and optimized with its creative, it needs a new approach and technology.

Thunder Creative Management Platform enables users to produce brand experiences cross-channel and traffick them to the appropriate media platforms to run. Produced creative experiences can be further personalized and optimized using Thunder Dynamic Creative Optimization


Creative Agility

Anyone can now build new creative experiences using approved assets and a powerful but easy-to-use WYSIWYG creative editor.

Build ad experiences faster than ever to stay up to date, relevant, and fresh. Respond to market changes or adapt to new audiences segments quickly.

Bulk editing for variations makes translation and transcreation breeze for one person to execute.

Lower Cost and Time

Lower time spent on production with automated cropping, re-sizing, and re-using assets cross-channel. Spend more time on your creative strategy and original design instead.

Streamline Compliance

Streamline your process with built in creative approval and lightweight asset management. Utilize automated creative QA and media compliance checks for easy review and then trafficking.


Creative Production

Build, resize, and version ads like never before.

  • Slick, intuitive WYSIWYG user experience
  • Auto-resizing and mass versioning to eliminate repetitive work
  • Unrivaled animation timeline to meet your brand requirements
  • Be L.E.A.N. with automatic display ad load size optimization
  • Auto text rasterization ensures your type looks good across browsers
  • Custom fonts supported

Trafficking / Serving

Traffic and serve ads easily.

  • People-based 3rd Party Ad Serving
  • DoubleClick trafficking integration with auto-naming and backup image creation
  • Facebook ads trafficking integration
  • Update in-flight creatives and DCO decision trees without retrafficking
  • Automatic file size optimization and serving compliance

Find out what Thunder can do for your company:


Gain massive marketing agility and production capabilities. Personalize and optimize cross-channel ads in-house or with your agency partners.


Offer campaigns personalized and optimized to audiences across channels like nobody else can. Leverage Thunder to outpace your competitors.


Empower ad sales teams with a vast array of ad products including local ad solutions, co-op advertising, and professional creatives services.